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You are the director of your holiday

We translate your wishes into an unforgettable journey. The real valuable experience often starts by dreaming. That's why we take the time to listen to your needs. And we put all our knowledge, expertise, experience and contacts in order to surpass them. Instead of immediately sending an offer, first we listen to your needs, this can done by e-mail or in person.
Your idea
A truly unique vacation starts with you. What would you like to experience, and how? We start blank and listen, ask questions and empathize. Would you like to bike, hike, enjoy cultural things? If you like photography, nature or want to climb mountains and see caves? We listen to you so that we can fulfill wishes into reality.
Our travel design
Your wishes and our knowledge are the ingredients for a trip design, created especially for you. With our carefully constructed network, we do everything possible to exceed your expectations every time. No dream is too big, anything is possible! The travel design you define is not limited in any way, you create all the choices.
You are the director of your holiday.
Your Itinerary
Made a choice? Then we translate travel design into a concrete plan, with all the information you need.
The experience is always a priority, even when it comes to your accommodations. With over 200 accommodations and a wide choice of various hotels you stay will be an experience in itself. Elegant, small and surprising.
Your experience
During your trip we make sure that everything is perfectly arranged, like you would do for a good friend. This way you don't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your own created holiday with your own experiences which you take it home again, because that experience is the real luxury.


Taking control
Please contact us for your own customized holiday, we will be happy to help you.

The four pearls of the Isle of Korcula

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